woven wire fencing galvanised and powdercoated

Wrap your house in style with 100% Australian-made woven wire fencing from Big Red Wire. With a range of colours to choose from, yours will be the best dressed home on the street.

Woven wire has been manufactured in Australia for over 100 years. Big Red Wire is proud to continue this tradition with our quality Federation style fencing – with the option of either galvanised or powder coated finishes.

Our stylish Federation fencing designs are found throughout Australia, providing the perfect fencing option for farmhouses, country cottages, heritage style homes and more. Big Red heritage fencing is ideal for Queensland conditions, because not only is it cyclone-proof but it looks great too.

Our woven wire fencing can be made to any length; and comes in four different heights to suit all needs. It can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

Big Red woven wire fencing and gates are the best value for money woven wire products in Australia.






fencing specifications

Big Red WIRE has a strong tradition of providing the very best service and quality, and remains one of few fencing manufacturers that are 100% Australian owned and operated..

4mm galvanised wire picket
Powdercoated or galvanised
Heights 1250mm, 1100mm, 950mm & 400mm
Colour range: Primrose, Fed Red, Heritage Green, White Birch, Mist Green, White Gloss & Black (other colours available on request)

Australian made.







installation guide

These instructions are provided as a guide only, if you need further advice please contact Big Red Wire. Generally the fence can be installed on a slope up to 12°, anything greater than 12° should be stepped between strainer posts.

Recommended material sizes

Strainer Posts EX 125mm x 125mm (5" x 5")
Intermediate Posts EX 125mm x 75mm (5" x 3")
Top Rails EX 100mm x 50mm (4" x 2")
Plinth EX 150mm x 38mm (6" x 1½")


1. Strainer Posts
Set deep into ground 500mm to 600mm and strut well.

Face of strainer posts should stand forward 25mm (1") from face of top rail and should be level with gate posts.


2. Intermediate Posts
Maximum recommended spacing 2400mm (8') and set back 25mm (1") from strainer posts.


3. Top Rails
Let in flush with intermediate posts and mortice into strainer posts 25mm (1") behind face of post.

From ground to top of rail the distance should be 80mm less than the height of woven wire eg. for 1250mm wire it should be 1170mm to top of rail.

The top two horizontal wires are to be evenly spaced and fixed to the top rail. If a different size top rail is used check the distance and ensure at least the top horizontal wire is fixed to the rail.


4. Plinth
Fixed flat on face of intermediate posts and checked into strainer posts to bring back of plinth flush with face of top rail.


5. Wire
Place adjacent to strainer post prior to fixing and mark position of horiz. wires 25mm (1") back from face.

Drill 6mm (¼") hole and insert wire. Screw to secure.

Staple top two wires (alternative) to face of top rail. Staple bottom of wire to back of plinth and trim around intermediate posts.


Please download our installation guide here.