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How To Install


These instructions are provided as a guide only, if you need further advice please contact Big Red Wire.

Generally the fence can be installed on a slope up to 12°,
anything greater than 12° should be stepped between
strainer posts.

Recommended material sizes

  • Strainer Posts EX 125mm x 125mm (5″ x 5″)
  • ntermediate Posts EX 125mm x 75mm (5″ x 3″)
  • Top Rails EX 100mm x 50mm (4″ x 2″)
  • Plinth EX 150mm x 38mm (6″ x 1½”)
Step Image
Strainer Posts

Set deep into ground 500mm to 600mm and strut well.
Face of strainer posts should stand forward 25mm (1″) from face of top rail and should be level with gate posts.

Step Image
Intermediate Posts

Maximum recommended spacing 2400mm (8′) and set back 25mm (1″) from strainer posts.

Step Image
Top Rails

Let in flush with intermediate posts and mortice into strainer posts 25mm (1″) behind face of post.
From ground to top of rail the distance should be 80mm less than the height of woven wire eg. For 1250mm wire it should be
1170mm to top of rail.
The top two horizontal wires are to be evenly spaced and fixed to the top rail. If a different size top rail is used check the
distance and ensure at least the top horizontal wire is fixed to the rail

Step Image

Fixed flat on face of intermediate posts and checked into strainer posts to bring back of plinth flush with face of top rail.

Step Image

Place adjacent to strainer post prior to fixing and mark position of horizontal. wires 25mm (1″) back from face.
Drill 6mm (¼”) hole and insert wire. Screw to secure.
Staple top two wires (alternative) to face of top rail. Staple bottom of wire to back of plinth and trim around intermediate posts


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